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Another Kalle Shirt: Art Gallery Fabrics Denim

Yes, I've made another Closet Case Kalle. I just love this pattern. I'm sorry everyone, but you will be seeing more of these on the blog as it's so versatile! This time, I made the stand collar and the tunic length from this gorgeous Art Gallery Fabrics vice-versa denim from Cloth & Candy.

For the pocket I just folded over the fabric, as instructed and used the reverse side to make a nice contrasting feature. I made buttonholes rather than snaps/poppers again for this version (yes, I used my measuring tool again for this one - so easy)! 

I kept the box pleat on the back, rather than the inverted version on my banana Kalle. I also used the same baby hem method that I used on the banana Kalle, which I think works quite well on a lightweight fabric. 

Overall verdict: Another fab Kalle that is going to get a lot of wear!

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